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Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI'm a Berlin based Polish (it has been 10 years!) with a multitude of interests and experiences. I'm a law and cultural science faculty graduate who ended up in many worlds: technology, communication, general- project- and product management, media, social web, open web and who knows what's to come.

A Wikimedia veteran, currently I am the co-owner of TapeWrite, a new publishing tool for audio and visuals with an awesome, innovative player. I am super excited about it! I also recently started to work on the Internet Health Report for Mozilla.

I grew up with a walkman, IRC and CDs but now I can't imagine life without the smartphone. Internet is my home and social web is the furniture. I'm fascinated by technology, the way it changes our lives and always eager to look for and build new solutions that will contribute to keeping it open and beneficial to the public. Fittingly, I'm passionate about digital journalism and I want to know what's next for the media world.

I love cats and photography. I travel whenever I can, most recently 4 months long in South-East Asia (blogged about it on Medium). I am insanely curious. I read and watch everything that catches my attention (sometimes I call it procrastination, sometimes general education). My heart has a place for creativity and my mind has a place for discipline. I believe in the power of diversity and empathy. My favourite place in the web is the WaitButWhy blog.

I am still learning about building websites and this one is very much in progress.

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I am currently part of a very exciting startup building an innovative publishing tool for audio and visuals with the mission to be a fair, "publishers first" technology solution for great content. We recently got funded by Google to build a crowd based monetisation solution for audio publishers. Yes, this is a very ambitious endeavour, especially given the rising audio hype among the big players but ever since I met the founder of TapeWrite at the International Journalism Festival I knew I wanted to be part of the project. I have the proud title of a COO and practically I am in charge of product management, user research and business development. The browse- based publishing tool is available at www.tapewrite.com (check it out right now!), the player is pretty, functional as well as shareable (it looks beautiful on Facebook and Twitter!) and embeddable all over the web. We are collecting as much feedback from creators and listeners as possible to make sure we are building a product that is useful and loved. Are you an audio producer working with pictures or text, a passionate listener or a potential one? Make me and TapeWrite happier and wiser, drop me an Email and let's talk!

Organisational Growth

I had a great and intense ride with Wikimedia during my 4 years there. As an Advisor to the Executive Director I was instrumental in making the organisation grow from 20 to 80 people, watched the annual budget double within 2 years and our areas of activity expand to innovative fields (search for Wikidata if you want to see more). The experiences in the area of online communities, strategy development and growth pains were one of the most valuable professional experiences I had the chance to gather. All this in an incredible movement: Wikimedia is an extraordinary environment and I invite you to get involved if you care for knowledge being accessible to everyone.

Wikipedia's Tech Wishlist

I was in charge of this project as a Product Manager at Wikimedia. Technical Wishlist is an innovative user-centric approach for collaborative definition of Wikimedia’s product requirements within engineering and software development. The project encompassed multiple enhancements of the working environment for Wikipedia & Wikimedia Commons contributors, e.g. an integrated watchlist for category changes or a deep- and intersection search for categories. To put it simple: we have listened to the community and their wishes on how we could make their volunteer work easier, we let them vote to identify the most pressing ones and me and my team got to work, one wish after another. Sounds easy but it was actually pretty challenging. We kept the user (community) at the heart of it though and got great feedback. The project is still on.

Attribution Generator

As a Product Manager I led the development of a webtool for generating legally correct attributions for pictures from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons licensed under a Creative-Commons licence. The tool is a great instrument for journalists, bloggers, marketers or anybody who wants to use a picture free of charge and is not sure how to attribute it correctly. The tool has been featured by tech/politics media like Netzpolitik.org, Focus.de, Heise.de and many others. It was presented at re:publica 2016 and got great feedback.

Global Voices

Since 2011 I am an author and translator for Global Voices, an award-winning international blogger platform. Journalists and translators report on citizen media around the world, focussing on the beyond mainstream perspective and aiming at amplifying under- or misrepresented voices. I write about society and politics in Poland and Germany. My work has been shared thousands of times and the article on ACTA protests broke the news internationally and is included as a reference in the respective Wikipedia article on ACTA.

During my work for Wikimedia I was in charge of the conceptual design, development coordination and partnership arrangements for presentation at re:publica 2014. The Data Pump is a Wikimedia Deutschland project that was developed to make large volumes of free data available and to exemplify the concept of free knowledge. It is a physical artefact with a specific software and data: the Data Pump contains freely licensed data packages available for programming or hacking that can be downloaded by anybody using various channels. It also contains music files, images, e-books and informational material on the topic of free knowledge, which you can use, modify and redistribute under certain conditions.